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A Testimonial from one of our Head Teachers

Matthew Brakenbury, Head Teacher, Thomas Wolsey School, Suffolk

Eye Catching Website Design

A website has all of 8 seconds to convince somebody to stay on your page. Your website must catch the imagination of the viewer and allow them to find the information they want easily. When they stay, you can guide them to where you want them to be.

Creative Copywriting

Keeping the viewer interested requires informative and enjoyable text. Helping the viewer to find your website in the first place depends on the right use of search phrases scattered throughout the page content. Getting the balance right is where we come in.

User Friendly Navigation

It’s not just a showcase. A websites function is to communicate your message to your viewer. Help them to access that information with ‘Call to Action’ areas, ‘Easy Menus’ and ‘Creative Pages’ designed to promote the exact information they are searching for.